Top 8 Best Sandwich Makers in India for 2020 – Reviews

Hi guys, In this article, I will tell you about 8 best sandwich makers in India for 2019. I have prepared this list after a lot of intense research and checking the reviews on the product page.

What is a sandwich maker?

Sandwich makers are small home appliances that help to grill, toast and heat sandwiches with any kind of fillings as you want. It helps in making chicken sandwiches, vegetable club sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and many more delights using bread slices and delicious fillings. 

Types of Sandwich makers

1- Panini press

Best Sandwich Makers in India

This sandwich maker can be used to make varieties of sandwiches. It is quite expensive than four triangle sandwich makers. It is mainly used for the grill, but it can also be used as a toaster.

2. Four-triangle sandwich maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

This is the common sandwich maker and can be found in most of the houses. It is in four square plates and eight triangles so as to get a sandwich in 4 parts which can be either cut or left in that manner. It is a traditional sandwich maker

What things you should consider while looking for a best sandwich makers in India?


A high powered sandwich maker is good when you running late as it can prepare sandwiches faster. I will recommend you to go for a sandwich maker with 700watts to 800 watts. The more power it will have the faster it will heat and save time.

Number of slices

Sandwich makers can take up to 8 slices. It depends on the model you choose. Most of the medium-priced sandwich makers offer 2 slices. This is sufficient for families with 3-4 members.

Non-Stick Coating

It will be very good if you consider buying a sandwich maker with a non-stick coating so that it will be easy to clean.

Adjustable heat settings

This feature allows you to control heat settings you can customize how hot or crispy you want your sandwich to be. There are not many sandwich makers with this feature.

Let us begin with 8 Best Sandwich Makers in India.

 Best Sandwich Makers in India

1. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

best sandwich makers in india

This sandwich maker from Prestige is on first in our list of best sandwich makers in India is because of its price and features it offers in that price segment.

It comes with Fixed grill plates and Non-stick heating plates which is a very good thing. With a power of 800 watts, it can easily heat and save up your time. This also has a one-year brand warranty so you don’t need to worry. The built quality is good with an elegant black finish body. It is a perfect home appliance and is totally worth the price. 

  • Price.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not built for large breads.

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2. Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

best sandwich makers in india

Coming 2nd on our list is a sandwich maker from Nova.

This is a very long-lasting sandwich maker as most people reviewed it. It also comes with non-coating which will allow you to use less oil or butter.  Simple toasts can also be prepared using this sandwich maker. It has a massive 1000 watts power which will quickly toast your sandwiches. The sandwich maker is so compact in size that it won’t be an issue for you to store it anywhere in your kitchen, its size is an add on as you can take it to picnics and anywhere you want to.

This handy Nova pan comes with an integrated light indicator, which is on the outside of the appliance. This is helpful in showing you the progress of your sandwiches, which prevents them from getting burnt.

  • The power rating of 1000 watt.
  • Automatic thermostat control.
  • Non-stick heating plates.
  • Convenient to store.
  • Built for long term use.
  • The wire is a little short.

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3. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

best sandwich makers in india

Third, in our list of best sandwich makers in India is from Philips. 

It comes with 820-watt power. It also has a non-stick coating this means cleaning will be easy. This has an easy lock system, simply push down to securely close and lock the sandwich maker. The built quality is really nice with the black finish which looks very good.  The maker has a cord winding facility which makes it even more desirable. Its one of the best features is that it has a cool handle and rubber feet to hold sandwiches in one place.

Overall it is good for nuclear families or couples.

  • Cord winding facility.
  • Easy push-down lock system.
  • Vertical, compact storage.
  • On/Off switch for extra safety.
  • Not good for large breads.
  • The wire is short.

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4. Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster

best sandwich makers in india

Fourth, in our list of best sandwich makers is from a brand which is very well known outside India and has earned many names in the field of home and kitchen appliances, I am talking about Morphy Richards.

It is portable as it has an occupying a handy space. This maker also comes with non-stick plates. This product is easily cleanable, saving your time in taking long hours to clean. Neon-lighting is critical in simplifying the entire toasting process. While the green light disappears once the toaster is heated, the presence of both the red and the green lights at the commencement goes on to indicate that the device is ready-to-use.  The intermittent flickering of the green light during the toasting process is a sign that the toaster is in perfect working condition.

To get rid of the uneven grilling issue, the device includes grill plates to bring uniformity in terms of the heating. The front-handle is placed so as to make the toaster get its storage requirements served easily.

The best feature of this sandwich maker is oil drip feature that ensures you to not worry about the bottom surface getting messy or the sandwiches getting soggy. What’s more, it also prevents you from consuming extra calories.

  • Oil drip feature.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product.
  • Easy to clean non-stick cook plates.
  • Comfortable front handle for carrying it around.
  • Neon-lights for the indication of toasting progress.
  • You might face a problem with non-stick coating.

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5. Nova NT 233 HDG 750-Watt 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

best sandwich makers in india

In the fifth spot, there is another sandwich maker from the Nova brand. This sandwich maker has all the features but due to its price, we have placed it on the fifth spot.

It is slightly larger than all the sandwich makers mentioned in this list. It is ideal for toasting and grilling, this handy appliance easily accommodates two slices of bread. This Nova sandwich maker consumes up to 750 watts of power. The build quality of the product is awesome and the temperature control switch helps in getting the perfect crispness you need. 

  • lt can easily fit 2 large sandwiches together or 4 small breads.
  • Heats quickly and come to ready state quickly.
  • The output is amazing, very crisp sandwiches.
  • Perfect family grill.
  • It does not have an automatic cut-off or buzzer.
  • Slightly large, if your kitchen is small you mind find it large.

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6. Borosil Super Jumbo 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

best sandwich makers in india

On the sixth spot, we have a sandwich maker from Borosil. Yet it offers all the features and it is also an ‘Amazon Choice’ product but due to its price, we have placed it on the sixth spot.

This sandwich is known for high quality and performance. It has a monster 2000 watt power. One thing I like about this sandwich maker is that it has an oil drip collector tray to drain excess butter and oil. It comes with non-stick heating plates that have deep ribs for extra crispy grilling with a heating plate that opens to 105° for easy access. The Jumbo-sized grilling plate can make up to 4 jumbo bread size sandwiches at the same time.

  • Makes amazing crispy sandwiches.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Adjustable heat options.
  • Oil collection cup provided and helps in collecting excess oil.
  • You might face a problem if you have a small kitchen because of its size.

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7. Prestige PSMFB 800 Watt Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Plates

best sandwich makers in india

Seventh in our list is a sandwich maker again from Prestige. The difference in that one and this one is that it is Sandwich toaster and that is grill sandwich toaster.

It comes with a non-stick coating which is very easy to clean. The built quality is really good and looks premium. The sandwich maker will never be heavy on your pockets, As it is, power-efficient its power usage is just 800-Watt that will never give your heavy electric bills but freshly baked sandwiches. 

It is not for big families it is for small families and it cannot cook large breads. 

  • Non-stick coating plates.
  • Convenient to store.
  • Power on and off indicators.
  • The built quality is really good.
  • The wire length is very small.
  • Not made for large breads.

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8. Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill

best sandwich makers in india

At last on the eighth spot, we have placed an old sandwich maker from Pigeon. We were a little confused between two other sandwich makers but looking at the price and the performance this maker offers we selected it and placed it on our list.

The Pigeon sandwich maker helps you make 2 sandwiches at a time. This sandwich maker has grill plates with which you can get perfectly toasted sandwiches. The plates close together which seals the sandwich completely and encloses the fillings.  Like all others in this list it also has non-stick coated plates which make cleaning simple. It consumes a power of 750 watt.

It has a preheating feature that allows helps you to preheat the appliance for a minute and place the bread slices.

  • Nonstick grill plates.
  • Grilling function.
  • Consumes 750 W.
  • Preheating feature.
  • Not so good built quality.
  • Low capacity.

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Top 5 Advantages of Using a Sandwich Maker

1. It takes very little time to cook Sandwich.

2. It is very easy to use the device and can be used by hostel students.

3. If you have a portable sandwich maker you can carry it anywhere and cook sandwiches anywhere.

4. They are not only used for cooking sandwiches but you can also use them for making various foods.

5. They use less oil and hence give you healthy food.

Our Recommendations

1. If you have a big budget and have a big family and want the best performance then go for

2. If you have a less budget and a big family and need high performance then go for

3. If you have a small family and less budget and need the best performance then go for

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