10 Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India For 2020

Loosing a weight can be tough at sometimes. Having little more weight is very common, but having very high weight can be very dangerous for your body. For this purpose slimming belts are used. Slimming belts are known for burning unwated fats and calories by making you sweat more. The more you sweat, the more calories you will burn, and the more weight you will loose. 

We have listed out 8 best slimming belts for weight loss in India after a lot of research and listed them according to their price and the value they provide at that price. 

 Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

(For Both Men and Women)

1. DAZIBAO® Shaper Belt 

Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

In our list of best slimming belts for weight loss in India this belt from Dazibao comes at first place. It is made up of Neotex thermal fabric which increases sweat and calorie burn to maximized performance while doing exercise. The waist of this band is made with moisture wicking fabric to repel moisture, keeping you dry on the outside and comfortable for your entire workout. Combined with anti-microbial properties that prevent bacteria build up and bad smells.

It is comfortable to wear and light weight daily wear belt providing slim body shape all day long. Unlike other belts , it doesn’t roll down again and again and can be wore under any cloth .
It also works as a body shaper giving you nice flat tummy appearance.

Main Features
  • Comfortable fit and light weight daily wear belt providing slim body shape all day long.
  • Gives you a new lean and flat look instantly just by wearing this slimming belt under your clothes.
  • Adjustable and stretchable neoprene.
  • Give back support while exercising.

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2. MARK AMPLE Weight Loss Tummy Slimming Body Shaper Belt

Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

This belt helps in burning your tummy fat, reducing your abdomen and waist. It increase your core body temperature also improve your overall well-being. It keeps your body warm and heat up your core abdominal area making you sweat sore while performing your daily activities. This belt gives you awesome back backing also.

Main Features
  • Helps in eliminating water weight.
  • Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.
  • Helps in Maintaining stomach fat.
  • Perfect for daily exercise and any physical activity.

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3. FIT PICK Sweat Shaper Slim Belt 

Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

FitPick slimming belts for fat weight loss are well-designed using high quality fabric and materials crafted to give the better results, compared to any other Sweat Slim Belt. The intuitive fastening system is easily adjustable and fits almost any waist size.

While other belts fall apart at the seams after a few weeks of use, this belt is designed and made to stand up to normal wear and tear, using the strictest quality control standards. The fully adjustable FitPick Belt seamlessly adapts to your body. The double Velcro closures ensure that the belt remains secured at all times, without slipping.

Main Features
  • Helps in eliminating water weight and burns stomach fat.
  • Provides instant abdominal compression.
  • Improves posture and provides lower back support.
  • Helps avoid back injuries during exercises and relieves muscle soreness.

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4. Saundarya Shaper Belt Non-Tearable Tummy Trimmer

Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

On fourth in our list of best slimming belts for weight loss in India is a belt from Saundarya. The scientific design and compression of this belt helps you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy and love handles leading to a more molded figure and visually trim weight. It is perfect for exercise, to be used day to day, or for any physical activity.

Its unique fibers and material produce higher compression in the abdomen and waist resulting in more sweating, •helps in weight loss, •helps in burning tummy fat. •It gives awesome back backing •, you get the bends, lifts, tucks and pressure at all the right places.

Main Features
  • Light in weight.
  • Maximizes fitness routine.
  • Perfect for exercise, for normal daily routines, or for any physical activity.
  • Slims waist, tummy and tights.

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5. Saundarya Sweat Belt Yoga Wrap Tummy Trimmer Adjustable Waist Shaper Weight Loss Belt Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

It is a premium sweat belt that can be used while gym,doing home chores. The secret in this belt is the revolutionary thermo-tech fabric that insulates your body heat and compresses and supports your lower back and core muscles for a 360 degree waist trimming effect. The belt is washable in waching machines.

This belt is ideal for normal daily routines, exercise or for any physical routine. It improves overall well being and core body temperature. The belt is very confortable and light weight.

Main Features
  • Helps in reducing weight by preserving body heat and stimulating more sweat during exercise and routine work.
  • Comfortable, light-weight; maximizes fitness routine; perfect for exercise, for normal daily. routines, or for any physical activity.
  • Increases your core body temperature also Improves your overall well-beings.

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6. Spike Sweat Slim Belt for Fat Loss, Weight Loss and Tummy Trimming Exercise 

Spike Sweat Slim Belt for Fat Loss, Weight Loss and Tummy Trimming Exercise for Both Men and Women

Spike is known fo rmaking premium quality slimming belts for weight in India. Each Spike sweat slim belt is designed with superior craftsmanship to increase body temperature in the abdominal area, which helps in fat loss, weight loss, tummy trimming Exercise and the improved burning of calories during exercise.

Special anti flex design to repel moisture and stress ensuring the prevention of bacteria build up and eliminating unwanted odors common with lower quality variations. Because of the Neoprene material used in this smil belt, it helps in eliminating odors which is the basic problem with such gym products which needs to interact with our skin.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry if the belt shall be for your size or not as it can be stressed up to 50 inches.

Main Features
  • Comfortable fit enhancer.
  • Increase ab & back support.
  • Lose weight faster.

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7. Tdas Sweat Slim Belt

Tdas sweat slim belt for men women waist stomach belt shaper fitness belt yoga wrap hot belt unisex weight loss back pain gym running travel tummy workout

Tdas is very known brand in making slimming belts for weight loss in India for years. This belt from Tdas is easy to wear and feels confortable also. The belt is recommened to use it as often as you can ie: morning through to evening but not in bed. The premium neoprene used in this belt helps in increasing your perspiration to speed up your fitness process thus helping you to loose your weight more faster.

There are some cons also of this belt thats why we have kept this belt on 7th in our list of best slimming belt for weight loss in India that is the belt cannot be washed in washing machine. You cannot wear this belt while sleeping. If your skin is allergic to Neoprene, please make sure you wear it over t-shirt and not direct on the skin.

Main Features
  • Double closure for adjustable compression & easy on/off.
  • Premium Neoprene increases perspiration to speed up the fitness process.
  • Durable canvas covered flexible bones,won’t stab your skin even during intense exercise.

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8. Wearslim Sweat Waist Belt 

Wearslim Sweat Waist Belt

Last in our list of best slimming belts for weight loss in India is Wearslim Sweat Waist Belt. nm   

This belt is designed in this way that it insulate and stimulate water loss in the waist area. The belt is perfect for long and continuous use; you can use this belt for all kinds of work like for a run, a walk, do yoga, or go cycling. The belt is naturally flexiable and can be fit to any shape and size.  You will not only get a perfect tummy but will also endeavor uniform compression to support lower back and abdominal muscle. This belt also provides light support for your muscles and higher abdominal compression and lumbar support, making you stand taller, look more confident and help in correcting posture.

For better results, you can wear the belt every day even if you are not exercising, the most you use the better result you’ll get. We suggest that wearing shall be complemented with a healthy diet and good hydration.

The belt cannot be washed in washing machine you have to wash it by your hands with cold water.

Main Features
  • Comfortable wear.
  • Enhance circulation in the abdominal area.
  • Help in correcting posture.

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What to Look in a Best Slimming Belts for Weight Loss in India

1. Material Quality

It is very important thing you should know about the slimming belt you are going to purchase. You should ensure that the belt is comfortable and easy to wear. 

2. Size

Must consider buying a slimming belt according to your size otherwise it would be difficult for you to use that slimming belt.

3. Shape

It is completely depends up to you whether you look better in slimming belt or it makes you look weird.

4. Durability

Go for slimming belt which is durable that will allow you to sweat more and burn your fat more faster.


I hope now you know which slimming belt is right for you. There were many other popular belts in the market but we have only listed out best slimming belts for weight loss in India that provide value for money you are paying and give you best results.

Thank you For Checking out our article for best slimming belts for weight loss in India.

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